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Unlock your financial potential with Conyers Credit Co.

Conyers Credit Co.

Here at Conyers Credit Co., our goal is to help you increase your credit score by removing errors on your Credit Report. Whether you want to buy a house, finance a new car or you just want to have better credit, we can assist you on your journey to your goals by removing items that are holding you back such as Collections, Charge off’s, Derogatory Accounts and more!

Conyers Credit Co. was founded by Millionaire Real Estate Mogul Kendra Conyers and her mother, Kim Conyers. With a combined 30 years of experience in Banking, Finance and Real Estate, with Kim Conyers overseeing more than $15 million in Government Funding; this dynamic duo seen the need of credit improvement amongst the majority. Having good credit can open endless possibilities personally and in business.

Good credit is essential for many aspects of your financial life. It can make it easier to get approved for loans and credit cards, lower your interest rates, and even help you get a job, buy a house or rent an apartment.

Credit Card
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Credit Card

What is Credit?

Credit refers to a contractual agreement between a lender (like a bank) and a borrower (like you). The borrower is loaned some money and agrees to pay the lender back in total, typically with interest, over an agreed-upon timeframe. The most common example of this is the credit card, but the same principle holds true when borrowing money to buy a house.

What We Offer

30 Years of Experience in Finance, Banking and Real Estate

Dispute Resolution

Credit Counseling

Credit Report Analysis

Debt Validation

Financial Education

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